Foam tool tray for Automotive scope and accessories

This foam tool tray has space for your:

  • Automotive PicoScope
  • Back-pinning probe set
  • Probes
  • 2 x 10:1 attenuators
  • JCASE fuse extension
  • COP and signal probe
£89.00 PP983

Pico tool trays

Foam trays for storing Pico kit in your tool trolley.

The trays come in two sizes (depending on function):

  • 1/3 width at 185 x 390 mm
  • 2/3 width at 370 x 390 mm

The trays include a removable 20 mm strip so they will fit in 370 mm deep tool drawers. A set of three trays measures from 370 x 575 mm to 390 x 555 mm, depending on the configuration.

Industry Reviews

RATCHET+WRENCH recently published an article based on our WPS500X pressure transducer. Starring Matt Fanslow, of Riverside Automotive in Redwing, the article is a great read for anyone considering the purchase of our product.  As Fanslow says. “There’s nothing on the market that comes close to it.”.

Customer reviews

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