Gasoline fuel pressure hose

The TA083 fuel hose is designed specifically for use with the WPS500X pressure transducer, with a strong construction to ensure safe and accurate operation. The hose is terminated at one end with a Foster connector to fit the WPS500X, and at the other end with a Schrader valve to fit standard fuel rails.


  • Conforms to SAE30R9
  • Maximum working temperature of 115 °C / 239 °F
  • Maximum pressure rating 500 psi / 34.47 bar
  • Hose materials: Teflon tube reinforced by outer steel braid
  • All materials compatible with gasoline and ethanol/ethanol blends
  • Low permeation
£24.00 TA083

Industry Reviews

RATCHET+WRENCH recently published an article based on our WPS500X pressure transducer. Starring Matt Fanslow, of Riverside Automotive in Redwing, the article is a great read for anyone considering the purchase of our product.  As Fanslow says. “There’s nothing on the market that comes close to it.”.

Customer reviews

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